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Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 by
Comics are one of the things which people of all age loves, It can simple funny or some super Hero fantasy , but those story board in strips cant be ignored , Well comics hasn't changed much just taken different hideouts , So lets start our journey towards best Web Comics.   


"A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language," xkcd is quite popular with the tech crowd, mainly because its jokes usually make you scratch your head at least once.  For added fun, hover your mouse over the comic and you'll find a bonus joke or an explanation for the head scratchers, in the images' alt tags."

Electromagnetic Spectrum


Ctrl+Alt+Del is a strip that focuses primarily on video game related humor, but does branch out into other types of stories.  The strip is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and also has the rare honor of earning creator Tim Buckley his primary source of income.

My Favorite  #Cyanide and happiness 

Started by a then 16-year-old Kris Wilson in 2004, Cyanide & Happiness is now written on a daily basis by an alternating crew of four people.  While all four tend to maintain the peculiar stick figure style that Wilson started, the comic does occasionally deviate from that formula.

#Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade is dedicated to geek culture. From video games to television shows, nothing is sacred to this popular strip.  In a weird piece of synergy, the series has been turned into a series of downloadable games for the Xbox 360.

#The Joy of Tech
Created in 2000 by two Canadians, Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans, The Joy of Tech tackles all sorts of different technology related humor, with a heavy emphasis on jokes that make Apple fan boys the punchline.

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