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Teen movies (comedy) worth watching !

Directly to main post, good don't wanna get embarrassed
Life's has changed a lot since I last posted, *Changed place, *Failed one of the most important examination , *Had a breakup , *Got into relationship with the most wonderful girl in ma life ,  *and at last had success on hacking WIFI (a WEP one I have a good thing [could be called a back-door] which everyone should follow after hacking a wifi connection ) right now I am using someone else WIFI .... Hurray free Internet for life !!!

SO coming back to present . My parents have gone to my hometown for maybe a week or so. I am here alone all week long.

Boring part is I don't know anyone here. (not even one person)

Don't have anything to do here , this place doesn't even have any good place to see (I Am in Kolkata, India). 

So all I do is watch movies and been a fan of horror and been a teen, I saw hell lot of movies from both genre. Jeez ! wait I am a guy teen movies means :American Pie : Not :Never say never : .