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Things I learned this summer in Pune.

Ya I know this post is damn late coz its winter now but I don’t care ….. “Last summer” I went to PUNE, my second nah …… first and beloved home… Flashback (I went to Pune in 2005 in fifth class and spend wholesome 4 years there. Much important stuff happened there I found my first love, found my life’s goal and got my buddies Vijay and Shek. Basically Pune is the first place I want to live.) Back to the post….

This is a list of things I learnt when I went to Pune in “summer of 2011”1.First thing I learnt is If u r in railway station and have a skateboard on your shoulder obviously everybody gonna stare.
2.Papa john’s pizzas are way more better than domino’s but no one cud defeat their Choc√≥ lava.
3.It’s not hard to walk in Ur sis’s stilettos but if she saw u!!! U r DEAD!!!
4. Don’t disturb other people standing in their balcony with ur fascinating flash… and if u do please make a video of it .
5.Ya this one important don’t go to roof of your building thinking it is always open someone mi…

Best things to say on a first date

Best things to say on a first date (humor)

"I don't usually go out but when I do, I make it rain."
"It's true what my friend said, you do smell like horseradish!"
"Just call me Macho P."
"Don't look at the waitress, I slept with her. No not that one! Well actually that one too.",
"Do I still have glitter on my gums?" and "This steak is for me, and this one isfor my tapeworm. Did you think I ordered for you?"