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How to make mic for your desktop with things around you.

After my Laptop went for repair , All my Skype call and Google hangout came to a halt as I didn't had any microphone with me. (My hangouts are only voice calls and I don't have a webcam too. ) So I decided to make one :).

  • Its very easy and I believe you have these thing in handy:-


#1 a old mobile headphones which you don't use.

 #2 a stereo cord which is ruptured or broken.

#3 wires (duh!!! u will get it frm the headphone or if the stereo cord is long enough , I just had the stereo jack)


Collect all of them and follow me :~ Break apart the microphone part of the earphone.


 Take out this part. [This is the mic].

~ Get the stereo jack maybe the microphone one will work , If your headphone are totally dead you can use that too. [mine where working so I used another one]

~ Simple connect it red cable to inner coated wires and black to outer. We are done.

~ Use wires to increase its length.  

Check my youtube video If you dont like to read.

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